Top Connectivity and Telecom Trends to Expect in 2023

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The year 2023 is upon us. It promises new and improved technology to take us deeper into the digital age. 2022 was a hallmark in the industry, from the 5G rollout to artificial intelligence (AI) popularization. In fact, we are ending the year in a controversial tone as artists and writers worldwide worry about their careers with AI. Nevertheless, the new year’s prospects are promising, and the telecom market trends for 2023 are bound to fit in several sectors, including telecom and construction. Telecom trends in emerging markets are a sneak peek into the sector’s future.

The Sixth Generation

The telecom market trends aim to gain speed, improve efficiencies, and create more profound experiences. And the sixth generation (6G) of mobile communication systems is definitely the needed innovation. Everything else depends, in one way or another, on 6G as it provides the speed and capacity required so everything runs smoothly, especially AI and machine learning (ML). Experts in the field have set their eyes on a couple of main attributes for 6G:

  • Improved sustainability
  • Trustworthy and reliable security
  • Expansion and/or improvement of connectivity to remote areas of the world. But these desires bring financial challenges; the slow adoption of 5G could be more encouraging, and service providers must determine how to monetize 6G to justify their investment.

Sustainable Connectivity

For years now, researchers have been trying to keep their innovation sustainable so as not to place additional stress on our planet and resources. Subsequently, they are trying to move away from their dependency on fossil fuels as an energy source. In 2022, we saw the beginning of a mass shift to renewable energy—the telecom market trends for 2023 feature this reliance on better and greener energy sources. Experts are discussing, for example, solar-powered cell towers in areas deprived of adequate electricity.


The less space something takes up while functioning as it’s supposed to, the better. Researchers are looking into containerization, one of the top new telecom market trends. It allows the packaging of an application’s code and dependencies in isolation. It has three aims:

  • Facilitating optimal performance on any infrastructure
  • Quick deployment
  • Faster time-to-market

Its rise in popularity is mainly due to its portability, flexibility, scalability, security, modularity, and lightweight footprint. These significant features make the technology very attractive for companies to process deployment-related tasks quickly and efficiently. These digital trends in telecom could also affect future telecom trends in the years to come.

Edge orchestration

Edge orchestration is a new concept altogether. This entry to the telecom market trends list is fascinating. It relies on a resource management tool known as an edge orchestrator to manage, automate, and coordinate the flow of resources between multiple types of devices, infrastructure, and network domains at the edge of a network. Edge orchestration or edge computing hosts and authorizes apps to run at a network’s edge. In layperson’s terms, it’s a distributed computing architecture in which processing and data storage moves closer to the data source. It brings benefits like lower latency, accessibility, and reliability to use cases like AR/VR and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Digital Twins

This entry to the telecom market trends list is fantastic. In the telecom sector, digital twins refer to a virtual representation of a network (services and applications) based on real-time data from multiple sources like ML data lakes, edge clouds, IoT devices, subscriber data, sensors, and much more. The idea is to visualize and predict the result of different scenarios through machine learning and simulation, with no real-life consequences. If we think about it, this technology is genius in the longer run. Based on collected data from the patient’s tests, a digital twin could assess whether the risk of a dangerous procedure is worth taking better than a doctor can. These digital trends in telecom could be a revolutionary innovation that transforms several fields. But for now, digital twins and their avatar representatives of the physical world may begin using or appearing in 3D metaverse implementations.

Super Apps

In concept, super apps are nothing new. These telecom market trends are essentially an application providing a core set of features with access to independently created mini-apps built on the same platform to deliver a cohesive and uniform user experience. The concept is familiar as many softwares are out there that write the code for the user instead of him writing it from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Nothing in life is static. Even humans are ever-changing. And we seek to change everything around us to meet our needs. Sometimes it works, while other times, it is a disappointment. But we try, and that’s more than enough. Technology has indeed advanced to serve us better. Case in point: 6G. with the other new technology and the set building blocks of smart cities, we need a reliable connection, and we built it. The same goes for all the innovations awaiting us in 2023. Telecom industry trends in the next decade promise to be eco-friendliest. What a time to be alive!

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