A Retrieval of 2 Million Cars Done by Tesla

Tesla has launched and retrieved over two million cars in the US, equipped with advanced driving system called "Tesla Autopilot Update."

Tesla has launched and retrieved over two million cars in the US, which are equipped with the advanced autonomous driving system called “Tesla Autopilot Update.”

‘Autopilot,’ Advanced Autonomous Driving System

This recall aims to implement new safety measures following concerns raised by a safety regulator regarding the system’s safety.

For over two years, the National Public Road Safety Department has been investigating Tesla Electric Vehicles, led by billionaire Elon Musk, probing whether Tesla effectively ensures driver attentiveness when using the self-driving system.

Tesla’s most extensive recall to date seemingly encompasses nearly all its vehicles on American roads, as reported by Reuters.

Tesla’s self-driving system intends to empower cars to autonomously handle steering, acceleration, and braking within neighborhoods. While enhanced autonomous driving technology facilitates lane changes on highways, it does not render cars entirely self-driving.

Free Update for Car Owners

The Wall Street Journal disclosed that the company plans to offer car owners a complimentary software update. This update will introduce additional driver alerts and controls. It is aimed at encouraging heightened driver attentiveness when utilizing the autonomous driving system.

The tesla autopilot update will vary across vehicles, contingent on their devices. Procedures may involve enhancing visual alerts, refining driver interaction with the autonomous driving function, and implementing further checks on drivers using this system under specific conditions.

In August 2021, the National Public Road Safety Department initiated an investigation into autonomous driving systems subsequent to multiple collisions involving Tesla vehicles being struck by stationary emergency vehicles.

The department stated that upon completion of the investigation, Tesla announced the recall. Tesla’s distinctive autonomous driving system design was stated that it leads to inadequate driver involvement in the driving process. This potentially leads to inaccurate or inappropriate system usage.

Additionally, the department scrutinized 956 collisions initially thought to have involved the autonomous driving system. Investigations specifically targeted 322 collisions associated with the use of the self-driving system.

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