The Headphone Wire Makes Them Superior 

Headphone Wire

Headphones have seen quite the overhaul. Many brands have changed the shape, weight, and even the technology used inside headphones. The most notable change came with the introduction of wireless headphones. This introduction gave birth to a new debate to be forever discussed, does the headphone wire make them superior? Here are some reasons why wired headphones are better. 

Are Wired Headphones Better than Wireless 

Experts can always make a case for wired headphones. Many reasons make wired headphones a better recommendation, some of these reasons make them clear favorites, and the others can be debatable with the newest technology rolling out. 

The Pricing 

The convenience of wireless headphones does not come cheap. Making a pair of wireless headphones isn’t simply about removing headphone wires. It is far more complex. Companies must replace and add more components to ensure their product still functions as intended. More expensive components mean more expensive products. Companies must make a profit. Pricing can be the main selling point, and the headphone wire makes it cheaper. 

They Don’t Need Power 

Furthermore, wired headphones do not require power to work. They come with an audio plug you can plug in and instantly enjoy music or anything you want. Such joys may seem minor, but they are nothing to scoff at, especially when you must worry about charging for many other things. A headphone wire is not there to annoy you. It is there to make you worry about fewer batteries. 


There is a case to be made here. On the one hand, the headphones wire can get tangled and even damaged or ripped. But, as a full product, they have fewer components that can get damaged over time. Besides the headphone wire, there is no Bluetooth component that can malfunction after a fall. On the other hand, some wireless fans can claim that the wire makes them easy to drop or tip on, hence more damage and less durability. 

Easier to Maintain 

Furthermore, to follow up on what we previously said, more components mean more things to maintain and repair if they stop working. Wireless headphones have a more complex build, which makes them harder to fix in case of a malfunction. High-end wired or wireless don’t factor much into this conversation. The high-end aspect makes them both expensive to buy and repair. 

No Latency 

The eternal advantage that wired headsets will have is that they have physics on their side. A scientifically and physically proven wire transmitting information will always be better and less error-prone with a headphone wire. So, even with the latest technology, wireless headphones will lose the latency battle permanently. It is not about the price or the quality of the materials. It is about the headphone wire. 

Professional Use 

Professionals around the globe use the wired option. They are far more reliable, and most brands offer optimized wired headphones for professionals. No latency, reliable sound quality, and high performance are all factors that make professionals drawn to use wired headsets. When it comes to professional use, mixing, or finalizing audio tracks, you need every distinct advantage. While some have the luxury of debating wireless vs. wired headphones, professionals have already decided who the winner is. 

The case for Wireless 

Finally, wireless headphones are not going anywhere. They offer convenience and mobility. Technology has advanced in a way that heavily promotes the wireless approach for all gadgets. Recently all smartphones do not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack anymore. Calls are more accessible to make via wireless headphones and earbuds, with better quality sometimes as well. Great companies are making wireless headphones, and technology is rapidly catching up. Wireless headphones connect faster, stream audio at an excellent quality, and are cheaper. The features of wireless headphones can also be a selling point. 

Closing Thoughts  

Finally, accepting the advancement and wireless headphones does not make wired headphones a relic of the past. The wire is not a setback. It is a buying appeal. Some currently consider wired headsets as an investment. They save up and buy expensive high-end wired headphones to enjoy the best quality anytime without the need for power and with no latency. 

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