TikTok Launches Pilot for Video Resume

TikTok launched on Wednesday an avant-garde pilot program that allows users to upload video resumes for jobs based in the U.S. through a new feature, TikTok Resumes.

The culture fueling platform announced the launch of its new tool, resurfacing from the content that appears on the platform organically, such as #CareerTok. This step, if succeeds, will be a major step towards the rise of careers and job-related creative content, supported by TikTok views.

So far, there are more than 30 companies who signed up to recognize the posted resumes for the pilot, including Chipotle, Target, and Shopify.

Through the short form video sharing platform, users will have to create their video resume, post it on TikTok, and then upload it for potential recruiters through the app.

However, to protect their users’ private data, an instructional video of the program proposes not to post any personal contact information, such as email address and phone number.

 As for the launch period for this program, the video-sharing app said it will run until 31 July 2021, with the number of companies adopting this inventive way on the rise.

While some companies are looking to hire entry-to-mid-level employees, like Chipotle and Target, the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify is looking for a data engineer. This means that the Beijing-based platform is opening the door for all kinds of job offers covering a wide variety of fields, leveraging the power of TikTok views to attract diverse talents globally.

Even though the testing is temporary, it is a clear display of how TikTok is switching its focus towards training and implementing an ecosystem of content creators.

This can be seen as a potentially predicted competitive path between Tiktok and some of the well-known sites of which allows users to apply to jobs online.

Some of the most recognized platforms are the dating app Bumble Inc and Facebook that allow job search only, but more precisely Microsoft and LinkedIn of which remain the most reliable sources as social media sites for professionals.