Top 4 AI-Powered Google Chrome Extensions for Content Creators and Marketers

AI-Powered Google Chrome Extensions

Google is the undisputed king of browsers worldwide. In terms of numbers, quality, and diversity of services, no other browser can hold a candle to its usefulness, and Google’s extensive range of plugins and browser extensions make the experience even better, solving problems you didn’t know you had.

Now, in the era of machine-to-machine communications and Artificial intelligence, a new generation of AI-powered Google Chrome extensions is emerging, and while they are few in number and limited in functionality, none can deny their usefulness and value.

If you are an avid internet user, you might have gone down the Chrome extension rabbit hole before and ended up with around 76 extensions, 65 of which you ended u deleting later while keeping the good stuff you found useful along the way. In the new era, we begin to see the first iteration of A.I. web tools.

Here are the five best AI-powered Google Chrome extensions for content creators, marketers, and digital entrepreneurs.


HyperWrite is an AI-based Chrome extension that acts as a personal writing assistant, helping to generate content and get writing ideas.

Using A.I. algorithms, HyperWrite can make a writer’s job faster and more efficient and even help overcome writer’s block by presenting the writer with new ideas as they type. HyperWrite will make recommendations for what to write about based on a brief description.

HyperWrite can be extremely useful for creating blog entries, articles, emails, and more, and is accessible on Google Docs, as well as other platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Medium, Notion, Confluence, and others.


AnyPicker is an online data scraper that uses an A.I. pattern detection engine to scrape any page on the web.

Scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website and converting it into readable and comprehensive insight.

Scraping competitors’ websites can be immensely useful to marketers, data analysts, and small business owners. A tool like AnyPicker can track their competition on the web and reverse engineer their strategies, extract contact information, SEO content extraction, data mining, and more. is a free service that finds emails, phone numbers, and insights for anyone with a social media profile. This is a useful tool for marketers for prospecting, list building, marketing, CRM data input, and appointment setup tasks.

Reviews are mostly positive, with startups and small business owners being especially grateful for its price tag of zero. Business prospecting is a tedious and time-consuming task, so why not leave it to the robots.

ContentBot AI Writer

Another A.I. writing assistant, except this one, is more like a team member. This extension uses A.I. to generate Blog content, landing pages, ad copy, and more.

While the extension uses a very advanced A.I., it is still an A.I., so think of it as an overworked intern who generates fairly good written content to be corrected and polished by the senior editor. Nevertheless, it is the perfect tool for digital and content marketers, business founders, copywriters, SEO specialists, and bloggers. 

Artificial intelligence is never meant to do the job for you. It is meant to make your job easier, faster, and more streamlined. A.I. assistants are just that, assistants, but you still need to be the boss of your own work. The aforementioned AI-powered Google Chrome extensions are the first generation of many more to come, with more robust functionality.