Two Pros, Yet One Is Xiaomi 14 the Other Is iPhone 15  

Xiaomi is set to release Xiaomi 14 Pro worldwide at the beginning of 2024.  Xiaomi and Apple are g preparing to be at war for the best phone.

Xiaomi is set to release Xiaomi 14 Pro worldwide at the beginning of 2024.  Xiaomi and Apple are preparing to be at war for the best phone.

As you read this, Xiaomi 14 is being released globally in a matter of days. Following the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple relished their four months of fame. Given the similarities between the two phones, how will the rest of the world respond when the Xiaomi 14 Pro is released?  

The two phones are so close yet so far away. A distinct number of things, including the phone’s dimensions, weight, thickness, construction materials, and camera bulge. Despite all the similarities, each phone and its manufacturer have distinct differences that give them a more clearly defined identity.  

Design and Dimension 

Like most Chinese flagships, the Xiaomi 14 Pro features a curved screen. Conversely, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a flat display outside of the box. Both devices are safeguarded by tempered glass; the Xiaomi uses Longjing Glass, an additional internally developed material, and the iPhone uses Apple’s exclusive Ceramic Shield. 

The Xiaomi uses a hole-punch design for its front-facing cameras, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a pill-shaped cutout. The Xiaomi is anticipated to be shipped with a fast charger, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro Max is limited to a USB-C cable. This is just one more difference in the retail packaging. 

The available phones differ, here is the list of available colors: 

iPhone 15 Pro Max 

  • Black titanium 
  • White titanium 
  • Blue titanium 
  • Natural titanium 

Xiaomi 14 Pro

  • Black 
  • Silver 
  • Titanium 
  • Green 

Software and Specifications 

Unexpectedly, Qualcomm’s newest chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, is included in the Xiaomi 14 Pro. We know a little bit about this chip’s performance. It was just recently formally unveiled, and some Geekbench scores are appearing, one of which includes a Xiaomi device. Although we must conduct the tests ourselves, it appears that these two will be closely matched. 

With a couple of exceptions of the Xiaomi’s RAM capacity, the circumstances regarding storage and RAM are comparable. However, the outcome should be remarkably similar because iOS and iPhones have been more optimized and require less RAM to run smoothly. 

Whereas the iPhone ships with iOS 17, the Xiaomi 14 Pro will come pre-installed with Android 14. We will have to wait and see once more as we are unsure of the amount of time of significant OS updates Xiaomi will provide. 

Is this going to be the survival of the fittest kind of war between Xiaomi and Apple?  

You and I shall decide this!  

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