Livescribe Smart Pens Bridge the Gap Between Analog and Digital Learning

Livescribe Pen

Livescribe Smart Pen has introduced a unique digital pen that turns handwritten notes into digital ones.

I can hear the students’ relieved sighs out loud. SO, fellows, this one is for you, you’re going to love it!

Coming All The Way From U.S

Livescribe Smart Pen is a US-based company that specializes in digital pen and paper technology. The aim of it is to focus on developing note-taking tools that combine traditional methods with the benefits of digital recording.

“We found that in this ever-changing technological landscape, constantly switching between written and typed notes can be frustrating. We created a pen that brings these two worlds together.” –Livescribe

What it does is it potentially converts how the user captures and manages information. Imagine you as a student sitting in your classroom and your professor is explaining non-stop and you can’t track her/his speed of explanation. Because what it does is it records the audio of the lecture, it can as well convert into digital text, synchronized with the audio recording, and allows to search easily, edit, and share notes in different digital formats.

“Our lightest, slimmest smartpen yet. Designed to feel like a pen, but to do so much more. Giving a new dimension to your notes, by harmonising audio and script.” –LiveScribe

On top of that, you can rerun particular sections of the audio to recall details that are connected to your handwritten notes. A very nice gesture from the Smart Pen is that it can playback audio synced with text for individuals with learning disabilities and even for the ones who prefer auditory learning.  

Focusing On Productivity But…

As students you are going to witness an immense increase in your productivity, without you rethinking for a second or worrying about missing details. You can reopen significant points later.

“Revolutionary. The bridge between audio and script. Writing, recording and repeating.” –Livescribe

But the bad news here is that it’s pricey for your small pockets:

  • Standard Edition: US$99.95
  • Smartpen + Dot Paper Bundle: US$129.95
  • Smartpen + Premium Leather Notebook Bundle: US$179.95

That’s the first bad news, the second is that it’s technology dependence, you may suffer from battery concerns and potential technical issues. The third relies on handwriting legibility, students who have ugly handwriting, need to work on it for more optimal results, since the accuracy of digital conversion rests on how clarified your handwriting is.

With you as a student, will you be able to purchase the Livescribe smart pen to ease your studying process? Or do you prefer the old traditional way of taking notes?

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