Unleash Your Journaling Spirit with Apple’s Journal App

Unleash Your Journaling Spirit with Apple’s Journal App Unleash Your Journaling Spirit with Apple’s Journal App

Apple’s new journaling experience is quite literally at your fingerprints. It’s aptly named Journal and is a part of the iOS 17.2 update. It’s a simple app of clean design allowing you to write and reflect your thoughts and experiences.

Picture this: It’s late in the evening. The time of day is ending. In the quietness you just let your thoughts wander around. Slowing them down while listening to piano music, breathing and reaching a peaceful state of mind.

Now, imagine doing all of this while journaling with the Journal app. It provides you with personalized suggestions. For instance, the application can suggest journaling prompts based on your location, photos, and other personal data.

It’s too basic, they said!

Some have labeled it as: It’s too basic.

Fair enough to say so. But don’t we need something simple and easy-going to deal with? Nothing to overthink and overanalyze. Not needing a guidebook on how to use it. That’s the idea of the whole journaling journey. To be relaxed, that’s the essence of it. Not to stress over how to figure out using the app.

You can set up an alarm, not the one with the noisy soundtrack. It’s a daily reminder to build up a habit of journaling. If you find it difficult to stick to this healthy habit. Well, studies have shown that it reduces stress and depression symptoms enhancing our emotional and mental wellness.

Integrating with other Apple apps

You can add photos, videos, and links from other applications to your journal items. Not done yet, you can record audio and video directly in the application.

So, never worry if you do not feel writing in some days, or you don’t love expressing in the form of writing, don’t bother yourself. You’re free to find the best possible way possible to journal with the most creative outlets.

After all what said…

The versatile app lacks some features like folders and tags. It might not suit some of you, like the writers, journalists, artists, who rely on writing as a BASIC act on a daily basis.

Some just adore the texture of the: Paper, pen or pencil, and notebook. It’s a feeling for them!

Don’t get me wrong, count me one of those.

So, which camp do you belong to? What method do you prefer journaling with?!

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