Vine founder enters gaming industry with new NFT blockchain project


One of Vine’s founders is venturing into a new project called Supdrive.

Dom Hofmann, also the creator of Byte and Peach, announced Supdrive on Twitter, describing it as an “on-chain fantasy game console.”

In the announcement post, the co-founder of Vine explained that Supdrive will act as a video game console that offers classical games, with NFTs placed as a virtual tape.

Hofmann wrote on Supdrive’s Discord that the game will be NFTs, operating on virtual firmware. Hence, there won’t be several copies available for users, but each user will get to experience unique gaming environments with different colors being given to each player, as well as difficulty levels.

The American entrepreneur and programmer noted that Supdrive is similar to Art Blocks, a blockchain project that allows users to generate programs that go on to generate all forms of art, which eventually gets stored on the blockchain.

For each seed, the program generated will constantly produce a replica of the initial art. However, swapping seeds translates to swapping the art. Hence, users end up purchasing NFTs for an Art Block project, providing a seed which allows them to produce their desired artwork.

For Hofmann, Supdrive will follow a similar system, in which each on-chain console will offer unique games.

Yet, it remains unclear how Hofmann will price the gaming console. The co-founder of Vine also left fans guessing the available number of copies which will be issued after the launch of Supdrive.

However, the tech enthusiast did reveal to fans that if all goes well, the strategy he’s aiming for is to allow users to generate their own games for the Supdrive. Hofmann is also working on updating the console’s tools, producing the advanced version of games.

The first game on the Supdrive, created by Hofmann, has been named “Origin.”

Supdrive also embodies augmented reality games, with users divided into red, green, and blue teams. Hofmann noted that the color you pick may play a part in effecting the game you’re playing.

The launch is set in October, according to Hofmann’s post on Discord, in which the Vine co-founder assured audiences he’ll be conducting updates “every week or so” leading up to the launch.

Beating Vine’s success will surely paint a difficult road ahead for Hofmann. Supdrive holds a unique concept and may turn out profitable if gamers are willing to jump into the world of NFTs.