Vodafone Czech Launching Vodafone TV in March

Vodafone Czech Launching Vodafone TV in March

Vodafone Czech Republic will soon launch Vodafone TV in partnership with UPC. With UPC’s broadband offering fixed-line services, such as phones, internet, and digital cable TV, the groundwork is laid out and ready for the launch of their newest product. The companies will combine fixed and mobile operations.

Vodafone TV will have both a fixed internet connection from the company, and other ISP’s. The service will be available through 3 set-boxes which are already available through the Czech Republic, as well as through apps on smartphones and tablets. The company is expected to eventually replace UPC’s TV service, however, with a steady transition, as they emphasize their focus on the customer’s needs. If all goes well, customers would switch to Vodafone TV by on their own accord.

The platform will allow users to view Netflix, HBO and other video libraries, while providing the basic linear and non-linear television, and several OTTs and cloud storage, all of which is achievable with the 3 set-boxes. Vodafone does not plan to add another one to the mix unless later developments require it, as their focus remains on sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Though their expansion over the past few years is not well received by Germany, claiming the risk of a “de facto monopoly” over converged operator services as of the acquisition of Liberty Global’s assets in the area. Nevertheless, it has found ripe market success in Germany and in other countries like Hungary where is considering new streaming services such as Disney+ to be streamed through Vodafone. In Romania, Vodafone’s integration with UPC is on track, and tasks on both sides care being managed as a single entity.

Though facing higher competition in the Czech Republic, with these products and services that came of combined resources, the two companies acting as one, the Czech Republic marks the newest step in Vodafone Group’s portfolio of international partnerships.

“With the acquisition of Liberty’s assets in Germany and CEE, we have completed our transformation into Europe’s leading converged operator,” said Vodafone Group CEO Nick Read. “Not only have we reshaped our business, becoming the owner of the largest gigabit-capable next generation network infrastructure in the region, we are now able to play our part in realizing the digital society for millions of customers.”