What is a smartphone used for?


The first and most obvious guess for what people are using their smartphone’s for would be, to make a call or send a text. Well actually, the era of the smartphone has seen a significant decline in phone calls as a means of communication – people are becoming more dependent on messaging and voice note services and feeling less inclined to dial and chat. 

Navigation Apps

I personally thought that social media would be at the top of the list, but surprisingly, its’s not! Using the navigation app to get around is…Gone are the days when your partner would unfold the rather large and tedious looking road map that needed to direct you to the other side of the country (to get to your grandma’s house in time for tea). The smartphone now provides efficiency and relief in helping those who are not blessed with a strong sense of direction…and the stats prove you simply can’t live without this feature.

Checking Mail

According to the latest figures, most of you use your smartphone to check mail. That’s right, more than 70% of us are checking emails on the go. The clear trend lies in most mobile phone users checking their email in the morning, which of course, relates back to work obligations and a sequential pattern of follow-up on any emails that were sent out the night before. And apparently, women are checking their email 7 minutes more than men, each month – with women paying much more attention to marketing emails than men.

Social Media Activity

Smartphones are being used for a hefty amount of social media activity and engagement. With the social media craze still on the rise, one cannot imagine life without it. If you are on the move and on your phone reading this, take a quick look around you and spot how many people are glued to their mobile phone. It is quite likely that some are taking a quick glance at the news feed of one of their favorite social media sites. Adults are apparently spending more than 87 minutes a day, communicating and using social media with the number of minutes increasing over the weekend to 160 minutes of social media use from Friday through till Sunday.  

Online Shopping

Smartphones are indeed the most popular device used for online shopping. Retail therapy has become even more quick and convenient in the recent years with consumers searching for and buying merchandise from the comfort of their own home. How many of us have purchased items online because we could, not because we actually needed them? I know I have. Sales via smartphones account for a third of all online conversions, which gives you a reasonable idea of just how much retail shopping is going on. And yes, you’ve guessed it, women are taking the lead on this, with a massive number of ladies becoming increasingly reliant on the internet for purchases.