WhatsApp Desktop Users Can Now Chat with Unknown Contacts

WhatsApp has added a major feature to its most recent Windows beta version that enables users to start conversations with unknown contacts without adding their phone numbers to their address book. This move is intended to improve user convenience and privacy when messaging. The chat app is reportedly testing this feature on Windows with a small group of beta users, according to WaBetaInfo.

WhatsApp for iOS and Android already have the feature available on the WhatsApp application on the device. Some beta testers can now access this new feature after installing the most recent WhatsApp beta for Windows update (version 2.2342.6.0) from the Microsoft Store.

To see if it’s available on your WhatsApp account the instructions are straightforward. Navigate to the “New chat” screen and look for a new entry point labeled “Phone number.” It allows you to quickly open chats with people whose phone numbers are not recorded in your contacts.

Opening conversations with unknown people and phone numbers that aren’t saved makes it simple to communicate with new or unfamiliar contacts. According to WaBetaInfo, this feature eliminates the need to congest your phone book with unconfirmed or temporary phone numbers, resulting in a neater and more organized contact list. Furthermore, it provides users with a more private messaging experience by extending the privacy settings that apply to known contacts to unknown contacts. This update will be essential to all people who work on their laptops.

The feature is available to a couple of beta testers currently. It is expected of WhatsApp to implement this feature over the coming days more. We are aware of the concept of stranger danger, and this is why some of us do not allow people who aren’t on our contact list to see our display picture, status, and last seen on WhatsApp. Due to the high demand for using WhatsApp on our laptops the roll out of this feature is extremely practical for the users.

In the midst of multiple conspiracy theories on how Meta lives off our information and how privacy is deteriorating, this feature is very good news. What do you think?

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