The New X: ‘Hello, Can You Hear and See Me?!’

"An everything app" is the New X. "An everything app" is the New X.

“An everything app.”  This is the change Elon Musk is seeking, the chief technology officer and owner of X, known as Twitter. The father of the company is launching an early version of video and audio calling.

The everything app is not for everyone!

It’s limited to a number of users but is expected to be available to all users in the coming weeks.

This feature is offering one-on-one and group calls directly from the X app. The surprising thing about it is that you’ll not need a phone number to use it and the availability is on Apple’s iOS, Android, and personal computers.

Just a reminder that…

For someone like Musk, a controversial character who always loves to compete, and be the first in everything…but no one predicted he’d make such a move on X. Especially that this platform has its own format, its own audience, and content. It’s mainly political. Oh, never forget the famous ‘freedom of speech’ feature. Just remember what the previous blue bird logo symbolizes?!

More than just text and images

The added audio and video features are just a step in the long journey to broaden Musk’s plans. X is trying to compete with other social media platforms, like Facebook and WhatsApp, that already has these kinds of features.

A new notification: He always reminds me of the principle of all or none.

The super-app

Is the audience going to accept the feature, knowing that it doesn’t offer any added value against its other competitors. OR will he surprise us with another ‘breaking’ news of rebranding X again after he changed Twitter to X.

What’s next Elon?! Did the main course arrive yet?!

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