Will Tecno Mobile Ever Be a Big Player? 

Tecno Mobile

Tecno mobile introduced itself to the smartphone universe and made quite an entrance. Despite the fierce competition, Tecno left a mark and significantly developed a devoted following among the young generation. With the Tecno mobile name becoming more and more known, many people want to know more about the brand. Will Tecno mobile become a significant player in the phone world? 

Is Tecno Mobile Any Good? 

The Tecno brand is growing in presence. The market is seeing a lot of Tecno models, and people are intrigued, so let us answer a burning question: is Tecno any good? 

A Refreshing Approach  

Tecno mobile surprised the smartphone world when it dished out its products. The phones were sleek, and even though they implemented cheaper materials, they still gave a good quality feel. Tecno gained the younger generation’s love with its hip and stylish design and lightweight approach. The phones boosted high battery life, making them more and more beloved among a generation who spends most of its time on their smartphones. Tecno also delighted the world with its affordable prices, with such model categories as Tecno spark costing as little as $100. Tecno mobile created a gaming phone section to garner the young generation’s love even further. Fast processors for an immersive gaming experience and a fast-charging capability so you can return to your game quickly. 

A Phone that Can Take a Punch 

Tecno mobile made its name known when it prioritized build quality and durability with a dash of affordability. With its target audience being the younger generation, Tecno understood the assignment and provided waterproof and dustproof screens. The phones can easily survive drops if you clumsily stand up or drop them in a rush. So, is the Tecno brand durable? Relatively, yes. 

Additionally, the fact that Tecno is targeting the younger generation should not push older consumers away. Their quality and high durability can come in handy for everyone. You’ll indeed find your pick with a wide roaster to choose from. 

Tecno Mobile Issues 

Tecno comes with its fair share of issues. It is not all positive. It never is. Many problems were common among users. Here is a quick look at these issues. 

  1. Charging Letdown 

Tecno devices have a reputation for charging letdowns. Some might take too long to set. Others even pointed out that the battery sometimes drains too fast. Charging your phone frequently can damage the device’s battery, and with the best batteries on its flagship mobiles, Tecno’s budget options battery might let you down. 

  1. Virus Prone 

Tecno mobile software comes bloated with apps, also known as bloatware. Ads will play on these apps, and mostly young users might want to check these outs, which will open the door for malware to damage the device’s performance. Other brands and giants like Samsung are well known for the lockdown their software offers. This needs to change that before it becomes a trait associated with the brand. 

  1. Stuttering Performance 

Moreover, the storage on most Tecno phones can be underwhelming, and many of the issues come with limited storage. Mainly the device will get slower and slower the more you fill it up. Devices might freeze completely, especially since the RAM isn’t a selling point. 

  1. Gets Heated 

The Tecno brand has become infamous for its heating issues. With its modest RAM selection on cheaper models, things get heated. When you run a heavy game, heavy for the humble phone, the phone will get hot in your hands. Even though it is an issue often present on Android phones, Tecno finds itself often guilty of a higher level of this issue. 

Tecno’s Latest Star 

The PHANTOM X is the latest game-changer that Tecno is working on. It might be the company’s best phone. A massive 6.7″ AMOLED display with a 3D edge screen design, the PHANTOM X will surely amaze you whenever you’re looking at it. A dedicated night mode for better photos when the lighting is challenging. Lots of storage with its 256GB storage and a snappy experience with the latest chipset and 8GB of RAM. Tecno mobile promises long battery life and a decent experience, and we will soon see if they will deliver. 

Last Take 

Lastly, Tecno mobile is trying to climb the ladder and take two steps simultaneously. But it needs to sort out its rumored and sometimes warranted issues claims. What makes a big name what it is is simply its reputation. If consumers trust you, you will deliver on what you promise, and they will rush to buy your latest products. The Chinese Tecno mobile name is still relatively a new name, so the chance is still there for them to build a proper big-name reputation. If users can see that Tecno listened to them and made more phones with what made them special and what users wanted, they will become a name to respect in the mobile phone world.


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