5 Reasons Why... Telecoms is Important in Society

5 ways Telecoms Impacts Society
1. Telecommunication and Governance

New communication and information technologies are contributing to good governance. Telecommunication technology keeps citizens informed. They’re now more aware of what’s going on in their environment than ever before. This pushes many governments to be more accountable and to maintain an efficient system encouraging more political transparency and citizen participation.

2. Telecommunication and Relationships

Enhancing the scope of communication enables people to stay in touch with loved ones who may not have otherwise been so accessible. Global figures indicate that migratory displacement is at an all-time high, families are separated across continents for long periods of time. The evolving nature of telecoms has enabled people to stay connected through multiple communication and social media platforms. 

3. Telecommunication and Education

Many well-established institutions are using telecommunications for distance learning programs. This provides global students with an opportunity to access high-quality education from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, these online courses offer students more flexibility if they wish to balance educational pursuits with a career.

4. Telecommunication and Healthcare

The development of technology in healthcare has enabled more frequent contact between patients and healthcare providers, more timely and accurate medical monitoring and improved management of data. The increasing level of collaboration has given patients a stronger, more consistent voice, which helps in the development of medical services.

5. Telecommunication and Environment

The changing landscape of communication has enabled us to raise  greater awareness for environmental issues. Telecommunications can make a direct contribution to the implementation of environmental programs to educate and inspire change in communities. Consistent local initiatives help align global incentives to improve environmental quality and human health.