AI and Copyright. Who Will Own What?

It’s complicated. Actually, it’s so complicated that if you were a copyright lawyer you’d be pinching yourself because what’s happening right now can’t possibly be true; it must be a dream. Because you just hit paydirt, baby. For at least the next ten years. And you have generative AI to thank.

Of course, if you’re not a copyright lawyer but are pretty sure you may need advice from one at some time, I apologise unreservedly for the celebrative tone of the preceding paragraph. I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know that the future foretells the above-mentioned legal sector will part you from a lot of cash in the years to come.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal showed a collection of some  informed opinions about how these laws should be recalibrated in this age of AI. So we’ve broken them down into eight points of view.

They’re opinions, remember. And often, they conflict. But they may help to answer some questions about your, or others’, claims on copyright in the AI universe.

So I hope this provides some clarity. But I also acknowledge that, given the subject matter, it may have made it even more confusing.

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