Tesla, the Camp Tent, and the CEO

Tesla Tent Tesla, the Camp Tent, and the CEO

The Tesla Cybertruck is not just a battery-electric full-size pickup truck; it’s a basecamp Tesla tent as well. Literally, the Cybertruck could be turned into a camp trip by just packing up, loading up and locking up.

Into the Wild

The Cybertruck folds out from the truck bed, thus creating a tent-like structure, covering the top of the second half of the truck. It includes a sleeping space for two people, a gear closet, and an optional solar shower. The sharp angles integrate seamlessly with the camping vibes.

It has a top speed of 130 mph, weighs 6,843 LBS, and can seat 5 adults.

Devices can be fast charged in the vehicle, including phones and laptops. It’s wireless charging or USB-C with 120V/240V outlets. The CyberTruck costs (price), making it an affordable option compared to the other third-party camping options. Mass production isn’t expected till 2025.

A Tesla Can Also Swim

In a TikTok video, a Tesla driver in San Diego, California, managed to drive through a flooded street. Tesla was the only car to navigate the water smoothly with no harm to its mechanics, or electric body parts. Unlike other cars that were stuck in the middle of the road.

Elon Musk recently resigned as chairman of Tesla, but he remained the CEO and product architect. But there are some conflicting opinions about Elon Musk as CEO.  

However, during his tenure, Tesla shipped a total of 1.8 million vehicles worldwide in the past year, with the majority, 1.77 million units, being accounted for by the Model 3/Model Y combination.

“I think that he really was an asset to grow Tesla in the early days,” Jessica Caldwell, head of insights at automotive sales firm Edmunds, told InsideEVs.

“Some auto experts see value in Tesla without Musk. Not as an AI company, or a tech company, but as a car company. The brand already makes the best-selling SUV in the world,” stated InsideEVs.

What’s your opinion?

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