Iraqi Researchers Use AI to Diagnose Diseases from Tongue Analysis

Researchers have developed a diagnostic system that reads diseases from the color of a patient's tongue, pushing AI in medical diganotics.

A team of researchers from the Middle Technical University in Baghdad and the University of South Australia have developed a diagnostic system that reads diseases from the color of a patient’s tongue, using artificial intelligence, taking AI in medical diagnostics to the next level.

Published in the “AIP Conference Proceedings,” this method boasts a 94% accuracy in detecting ailments like diabetes and kidney failure. Imagine a world where your tongue is not just a taste organ but a window into your health. This concept, stemming from millennia-old Chinese medical practices, is being shaped by modern science.

Dr. Ali Al-Naji, a key figure in this research and an assistant professor at both universitie. He explains how traditional tongue examination, a practice as old as the hills, is now being reimagined through the lens of AI and modern imaging technologies.

The scientists call it “Computerized Tongue Analysis.”

The technology surprisingly simple yet ingenious: use a basic USB webcam and a computer to snap pictures of patients’ tongues. These images are then cross-referenced with a huge database, where the system hunts for tell-tale signs of diseases with a high level of accuracy.

This isn’t just some high-tech fantasy. Real-world testing with 50 patients has proven the method’s effectiveness, delivering results that match up well with traditional lab tests. The team even pushed the envelope by sending voice messages to patients or their caregivers, clearly explaining the diagnosis determined from the tongue’s color.

This breakthrough for AI in medical diagnostics is a big deal, especially now, when remote medical consultations have become the norm.

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