AI Won’t Choose Your Next Government, It'll be Your Next Government

Cast your next vote very, very carefully.

Because all the values of the democratic society you thought you lived in have turned in a rancid brew of manipulation and aggressive tribalism. Under your next government, you will no longer be able to hold your head up high because your beliefs are being represented.

Those beliefs are being upended by deepfake videos so realistic, everything you see, hear, smell, touch and taste, will now be regarded with suspicion.

Online death threats to your family will roadblock your individuality by preventing you from expressing an opinion.

The middle classes will retreat into their second or third best lives, numb to their past aspirations, solely focused on getting to the end of the day in one shape. Those below middle class will simply wait for death. In many cases, as a release from the horrors of a bomb that slices up their children before atomizing the slices. Because of a war fuelled by the ignorance of a world held in rapture through rapid-fire misinformation enabled by AI.

But What About Medtech?

And don’t believe, for one moment, that the miracles of AI in healthcare are reasons for unbridled optimism. Only 5% of the world’s population will have financial access. And then there’s big pharma, whose slogan should be ‘A patient cured is a customer lost’. They’ll ramp up their nefarious efforts to stay in business with every new medtech breakthrough.

If you think you’re living in a democracy, think again. You’re living in an unharnessed technocracy. Not defined by the sovereignty of nations but by tribal connectivity, orchestrated by AI. This is your next government. And opinion, whether well-informed or ill-informed, will be the new superpower. If it isn’t already.

If you believe this article is all just a touch melodramatic, it’s a summary of the week’s news. And it’s only Wednesday.

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