Amazon is going on a global hiring spree with 55,000 openings


Amazon is reportedly on a global hiring spree as the e-commerce giant looks to expand its internal team, with Chief Executive Andy Jassy highlighting to Reuters that the company will onboard almost 55,000 people around the globe in the upcoming months.

If the number isn’t jaw-dropping enough, it’s important to note that it equals more than third of Google’s staff as of June 30, and almost all of Facebooks’.

Amazon is planning on launching “satellites into orbit to widen broadband access, called Project Kuiper,” according to Reuters, which will naturally require a lot of help.

The U.S.-based company is also looking to keep up with demand in retail, cloud, and advertising.

“There are so many jobs during the pandemic that have been displaced or have been altered, and there are so many people who are thinking about different and new jobs,” Jassy told reporters, citing a U.S. survey from “PricewaterhouseCoopers,” a multinational services firm that states 65 percent of the people worldwide are looking for a new job.

Amazon currently employs 275,000 people globally.

After the hiring spree, the firm will witness an increase in its tech and corporate staff by 20 percent.

The tech giant has been under major scrutiny recently following a failed effort by some employees in Alabama to call out publicly Amazon’s taxing warehouse work and its aggressive stance with its staff. Company founder Jeff Bezos even commented on the incident saying that Amazon “needed a better vision for employees.”

When questioned by media reporters on how Amazon will change its workplace culture, Jassy said that the focus is now on customers, as well as coming up with methods to embed in the workplace for daily improvements.

“Everybody at the company has the freedom – and really, the expectation – to critically look at how it can be better and then invent ways to make it better,” the chief executive said.

Some of the job vacancies Amazon is looking to fill include “engineering, research science and robotics roles.”

The company is on the hunt to find new talents and jobs rather than replace others who quit, according to Jassy.

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