Apple Releases iOS 17 Public Beta

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On July 12, Apple unveiled the first iOS 17 public beta, granting iPhone users an exclusive opportunity to test-drive the upcoming update before its official release.

  • iOS 17 provides various new features and enhancements to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Noteworthy updates in iOS 17 include customizable “contact posters,” improved autocorrect, revamped iMessage interface, a new Journal app, and much more.
  • watchOS 10 also makes its debut, offering an enhanced interface, new watch faces, updated built-in apps, and features such as mood logging and Group FaceTime audio calls.

On July 12, Apple Inc. released the first public beta version of its highly anticipated iOS 17 update. It promises a plethora of new features and improvements that aim to enhance the overall user experience.

While the official release is slated for the fall, Apple is giving iPhone owners an exclusive opportunity to test-drive the software before its widespread availability. The public beta version of iOS 17 offers a sneak peek into the future of the iPhone operating system.

This beta version serves as a preview, allowing users to help Apple identify and address any bugs or issues before the official release. So, Apple advises those who prefer a more stable experience to wait for the official launch in the fall.

To install the public beta, the process is quite simple. Instead of enrolling on the company’s website and installing a configuration profile, users can now access the beta version directly through their iPhone’s settings.

By navigating to Settings > General > Software Update, users can choose to install the iOS 17 beta version from the drop-down menu.

iOS 17 offers a variety of noteworthy updates that promise to transform the iPhone experience. Among the standout features is the introduction of “contact posters,” which allow users to customize their appearance when calling other iPhone users. Users can now create their own personalized “contact posters” by selecting an image and font, like customizing their lock screen.

Autocorrect receives a significant overhaul in iOS 17. Apple has revamped the autocorrect system with a new transformer-based language model, resulting in improved accuracy and enhanced grammar correction at the sentence level. Goodbye “ducking!”

iMessage receives a revamped interface. The most visible change is the relocation of hidden apps, such as stickers and the camera, to a left-hand side menu, freeing up space on the keyboard. Apple has also introduced improvements to message search, stickers, and automatic transcription of short audio messages.

Another noteworthy addition is the new Journal app, set to debut later this year. Leveraging on-device machine learning, the Journal app encourages users to jot down daily thoughts, prompting them intelligently to write more about their memories, people, music, or photos.

WatchOS 10 Debut

Beyond the iPhone, watchOS 10 is also making its debut. Public beta testers can now explore the upcoming Apple Watch software update, which focuses on widgets and offers an enhanced interface. The new Smart Stack feature dynamically displays the most relevant information based on usage patterns and the time of day. Various built-in apps, including Weather, Maps, Home, Messages, and more, have been redesigned for more streamlined and efficient interactions.

Other updates include new watch faces like Palette and Snoopy, providing users with vibrant and animated time displays. The Maps app offers a topography view with elevation information and points of interest, catering to hikers and cyclists. The Mindfulness app introduces mood and emotion logging, while Group FaceTime audio calls and NameDrop simplify contact information exchange.

With the release of iOS 17 and watchOS 10, Apple continues prioritizing user satisfaction and innovation, promising an exciting future for iPhone and Apple Watch users. As the public beta takes flight, tech enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the official release in the coming months, which will coincide with the launch of new iPhones featuring cutting-edge software.

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