Anne Murray

Anne is a freelance blogger with a keen interest in anything space-related. Her main focus is the history of space exploration and its consequences here on Earth. She believes all processes are scalable and sees our venturing into deep space as a logical continuation of human exploration efforts back on Earth. In this light, Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon is not much different, on a cosmic scale, from Columbus’s landing in America. The question is — what will the new age of space exploration bring for us and our evolutionary progress as species? While we wait for the answer to unfold, one thing is already obvious — many new and exciting discoveries are bound to happen very soon.

What Was Really the First Man-Made Object in Space?

As humanity approaches a new space exploration stage and is getting ready to send human-crewed flights to Mars using the Moon as an intermediary base, many people glance back to the 20th-Century space race, trying to evaluate our previous advances in this area. As to who put the first man-made object in space question, most […]