Bluesky, the New X?

Bluesky Social Network

Bluesky is introducing a new in-app video, a music player for links, and a new ‘hide post’ feature, making it more user-friendly.

Okay, it may be a new name for some of you, Bluesky. So let me introduce you to this new pal.

Bluesky, the Butterfly

Bluesky is a decentralized social network that is not controlled by a single company or server. It’s built on an open-source protocol called the AT Protocol, short for Authenticated Transfer, it allows the user to run their own server or application. So, it’s the complete opposite of traditional platforms, like Twitter or Facebook.

It’s characterized by several advantages, the prime one is the user privacy benefit, where the user’s data is stored in a decentralized manner, which could alleviate worries regarding data breaches and personalized advertising. On top of that, no single organization has control over what content is allowed to be published or deleted. Besides that, everyone can have the chance to create applications and services on top of the AT Protocol, promoting innovation and competition in the social media landscape.

2 Million Users Competing With X

Bluesky offers features that are akin to X, like microblogging, where users can share up to 300-character text-based posts. Users can follow other users as well and check their posts on their feed. On top of that, users can dm, like sending private messages to others and, can utilize hashtags to categorize their posts and make them easier to discover.

The in-app video and music player’s new features of Bluesky allow users to directly embed videos and music links within the Bluesky app so that it reduces the need to switch to external platforms. Some of the supported platforms are YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify where the videos won’t play automatically. Unlike X, Bluesky’s player demands users to click so that it activates playback.

Leaping on to the “Hide Post” Feature

The Bluesky yields users great control over their feed by allowing them to hide discarded posts. On the timeline, hidden posts are removed and “put behind a mask” if you decide as a user to visit them immediately. This offers the users a more nuanced approach so that they can freely revisit hidden content while keeping their feed clutter-free.

Bluesky social network is attracting a wider audience once it is improving multimedia content engagement. The fact that it addressed various bugs, including issues related to muted or blocked accounts and empty home screens, gives it the power to be a distinct social media platform.

Would you have the interest to be a user of Bluesky? Or will you be an X user forever?

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