The Next Era of Gaming: AI-Powered Characters Behaving More Like Real People

Generative AI in Gaming Generative AI in Gaming, Behaving More Like Real People

Gamers, you can now create the characters of your favorite video game, based on your actions and interactions. Living a surreal and immersive experience is the aim.

After Microsoft Xbox’s partnership with Inworld AI, they embodied the trend of integrating generative AI into gaming.

The association between Microsoft and Inworld AI will explore two considerable AI applications in the video game sector: involvement in the design process and support for generating narratives. For games, they are employing AI to create distinct backstories for each character can result in extensive time savings during development.

Video Games Are Getting Smarter

Gamer’s community is going to live their next years’ literally in front of their screens, encouraging players to keep playing and spending money. This can let them invent for scratch new content for video games, mimicking human creativity to generate and design game levels.

“All developers are interested in how artificial intelligence can impact game development process,” John Spitzer, vice president of developer and performance technology at Nvidia, recently told CNBC, and he cited powering non-playable characters as a key test case.

Instead of relying on fixed scripts, the characters can learn from your actions as a player, adapt to different roles, and then resulting in making it a more realistic one-of-kind experience.

“AI will enable truly immersive worlds and sophisticated narratives that put players at the center of the fantasy,” said Bing Gordon, an Inworld advisor and former chief creative officer at Electronic Arts.

Mind Controlling the Players

The mind-controlling statement refers to the idea of AI influencing thoughts, decisions, and behavior. It’s like evoking strong emotions and manipulating the choices of the player for her/his choices potentially shaping them; cerebral biases.

Such immersive and realistic games offer complex virtual worlds making them fertile ground to explore the interaction between AI and human minds.

Although AI capabilities in games are still inadequate, this crucial progress that is being made is crossing so many levels in AI technology. It is crucial to participate in considerate conversations regarding its ethical consequences and the responsible advancement of technology.

“In the game development process, generative AI is already in use by lots of people. Programmers use Copilot and ChatGPT to help them write code, concept artists experiment with Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and so on,” says Julian Togelius, associate professor of computer science and engineering at New York University.

It is totally understandable that generative AI in gaming is a paradigm shift in the gaming community. BUT still, there is one thought hanging in the air: Is the aim to make gamers maybe more addicted?

And how do we guarantee gamer independence and safeguard against manipulation? Who controls it?

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