ChatGPT Plus Now Free with GPT-4 Turbo Upgrade

ChatGPT Plus

Microsoft upgraded its Copilot AI with the Large Language Model GPT-4 Turbo, which was previously only available with a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus is now free! Finally. No more paying a $20 subscription/month to use the generative tool.

Copilot, the New ChatGPT Plus

Copilot now offers the same functionalities as ChatGPT Plus, such as the ability to handle sophisticated demands and produce thorough responses. However, it’s not fully the same as ChatGPT Plus.

Copilot has its own features like natural language interaction. As a user, you can interact with it, making it easy to describe what you want without the need for specific code composition. Additionally, this model integrates with Microsoft products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, assisting with the workflow you adhere to.

Speaking of workflow, it can summarize and retrieve relevant information from the internet to assist with research and keep you informed throughout your work. This model will definitely free up your time by automating tasks such as fixing bugs, manipulating basic data, and generating documentation.

The Almighty GPT-4 Turbo at Your Disposal

GPT-4 Turbo has an improved image analysis and can handle more rational capabilities. On top of that it has better processing abilities and a larger memory, “has an updated knowledge cutoff compared to earlier versions. It has information up to and including April 2023 as well as a much larger 128k context window — a memory equivalent to 300 pages of text.

The previous data cutoff for the base GPT-4 model was September 2021, a year before ChatGPT launched. It also had a context window of 32,000 tokens, so it would forget what you told it after 100 or so pages of text,” stated Tom’s guide.

OpenAI wrote in a blog post that “GPT-4 Turbo performs better than our previous models on tasks that require careful following of instructions.”

The upgrade is set to roll out to users who already use Copilot with an enabled GPT-4. Yet, despite all that, it doesn’t offer everything ChatGPT Plus does. We’re talking about the absence of human expertise, limitations in creativity, and long-form text generation or interactive dialogues.

Yet, there’s another important aspect to consider users are now fortunate enough to access a more powerful language model without paying for ChatGPT Plus.

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