China Mobile, ZTE rolls out the world's first 5G messaging app

ZTE Corporation announced on Wednesday that it will in partnership with the Sichuan Branch of China Mobile Sichuan Mobile and Dahantricom Corporation, roll out “Panda’s Coming”, the world’s first 5G Messaging application.

Under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Administration of the Giant Panda National Park and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the application has been put into use by Deyang Management Branch of the National Panda Park.

During the beginning of launching the application, ZTE donated a batch of 5G smart terminals to the park’s panda patrol team for their routine maintenance.

Going into more details, 5G Messaging, based on mobile phone numbers, does not need to be downloaded or registered by users, which bring new man-machine interaction modes.

As a 5G Messaging application, “Panda’s Coming” has made full use of the advantages of 5G Messaging, including strong reach capability, high efficiency and wide traffic. The application, in the aspects such as forest maintenance, public participation in panda protection interaction, and digital operation, can facilitate panda-represented biodiversity protection and habitat sustainable development, bringing ecological protection and Chinese culture to all over the world.

“The purpose of establishing such a national park is to strengthen the biodiversity protection of pandas and their umbrella species. New communication technologies and equipment are in urgent need to help manage the patrol team scientifically,” said Zhao Weihong, Deputy Director of Deyang Management Bureau of the National Panda Park.

5G Messaging provides the simplest and most convenient communication technologies, he noted. “It can greatly improve the digital patrol and self-service capabilities of patrol crew,” he noted.

“The key to the development of 5G Messaging lies in the construction of an ecosystem. As a driver of the digital economy, ZTE not only has built world-leading commercial 5G Messaging networks for operators but also acts as a pioneer in promoting the construction of a 5G Messaging ecosystem. Together with China Mobile and other partners, ZTE will continue to empower more biodiversity protection in Northeast Asia, build a harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature, and a coordinated partnership between environment and economy,” emphasized Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE.

The new-generation communication technologies, represented by 5G Messaging, will have been playing an important role in promoting ecological civilization construction and protecting the earth’s biodiversity, boosting the high-quality development of the society.