CITC becomes KSA’s new 5G regulator


Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has announced that it will become a 5G network regulator in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) rankings, as it progresses from a telecom regulator to a digital regulator.

“We are one of the most tech-savvy and connected nations in the world and CITC, as the national regulator, must ensure that the digital infrastructure and regulatory framework reflects this,” Dr. Mohammed Al Tamimi, governor of CITC, said in a statement. 

This step will define a harmonized and forward-looking approach to ICT regulatory frameworks, which in turn will drive innovation in regulation, positioning Saudi Arabia as a global leader in the ICT sector.

In addition, CITC will adopt a new brand identity as part of its strategy to benefit users, service providers and investors in Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector.

The new strategy aims to boost connectivity and drive innovation, providing both users and investors with access to knowledge and opportunity. 

“The digitalization of the world’s economy has significantly accelerated in 2020. Our new strategy aims to place Saudi Arabia among the world’s best when it comes to implementing and regulating new digital technologies across all sectors,” Al Tamimi added. 

Under this new direction, Telco, IT, and emerging tech will all work together to create the essential digital ecosystem, which combined with postal services, will deliver an attractive communications infrastructure for the Kingdom.

KSA currently ranks fifth in the world for mobile internet speed, with an average speed of 77.55 Mbps. A modern and pragmatic spectrum strategy puts Saudi Arabia second among the G20 countries for spectrum allocation and fourth in the world for 5G network deployment.

Saudi Arabia is a digital nation, perfectly positioned to kick-start an exciting era of investment and innovation across a wide variety of sectors. Thus, CITC’s move to become a digital regulator will further accelerate the development of 5G and the Kingdom’s digital economy.

“Saudi Arabia has already received international recognition for our achievements in the ICT sector and, with this new direction, we will be able to accomplish even more,” Al Tamimi highlighted. 

The adoption of this strategy aligns with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and the ICT Sector Strategy 2023 set out by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

Saudi Arabia is also attempting to break into the top 20 countries for the telecommunications and information technology sector by 2030, improving the sector’s performance and contribution to GDP.