Competition and collaboration: A new pricing tool for telecom operators

Competition and collaboration A new pricing tool for telecom operators (1)

Germany’s largest market research institute GfK has collaborated with technology designer Stickee aiming to develop the “Daily Pricing Monitor”- an automated tool designed for telecom data collection. This tool brings together competition and partnership between the telecom operators by providing pricing insights for all models in the Postpay, Pay-as-you-Go, Sim-Free, and Sim-Only services. The Daily Pricing Monitor tool that was initially designed to help operators, manufacturers, and retailers cover more than 200 retailers across 25 countries.

Anthony Norman, Vice President, UK and Nordics GfK, said “Now, telecom players can take decisions on promotions and propositions, respond to competitor activity and support their partner discussions with always-on data”, according to Research Live.

The partnership with an innovative player as Stickee offers a truly ground-breaking solution, said Anthony Norman. Features include twice-daily uploads of the latest pricing information. New retailers can be added to the market in just two or three days, he added.

“We are delighted to partner with GfK and by working together we’ve created something truly unique,” said Iain Brear, CEO at Solihull, UK-based Stickee. “The standardized and scaled benchmarking enables telecom players to make decisions fast”, he said according to Research Live.

On the other hand, CarrierBid Communications has introduced a new web-based telecom Request for Pricing tool (RFP). MPLS, voice and data networks, business phone, and internet services, wireless devices and services, telephone equipment, data storage, security, and backup are the services that can be included in a telecom RFP. The tool establishes the parameters for telecom negotiations.

Another tool – Prisync‘s competitor price tracking & monitoring software – offers pricing comparison aiming to increase competitiveness, sales and profit margins for the telecom industry.

Pricing is crucial for telecom services; it can make or break the success of a new product or service, according to Open Pricer. Overpricing causes low penetration or market share. While underpricing may lead to the company discontinuing the service, which destroys customer value and loyalty in the process.

The pricing system can help telecom operators in building a good reputation for having the lowest cost for certain services. On the other hand, they can increase prices for services that show a competition in the market.