Sunday, October 2, 2022

First Bus offers new service in response to the Coronavirus

First Bus offers new service in response to the Coronavirus

First Bus, is one of the UK’s largest bus operators, with a fleet of around 6400 buses. The company has shown resourcefulness, having recently developed and implemented a new booking method in response to the Coronavirus.

They are currently piloting the framework in Bristol and will be introducing it across areas of the West Country by August. The new system allows bookings to be made in advance up to seven days prior via the Book My Bus Ride Website. With public transportation being a major issue during the pandemic, First Bus have made their system in a way that capacity onboard is reduced to comply with social distancing. A reservation made will secure a space on a chosen bus, rather than a specific seat. For example, if a customer is travelling on the Brislington Park & Ride service, they can now book a seat ahead of their journey and save time and effort. The service will also be extended to routes from Batheaston to Weston in Bath and between Bristol and Thornbury next month.

James Freeman, Managing Director of First Bus mentions that they have been developing new travel methods by bus to make it safer to move around during the pandemic. The need to adjust to a ‘new normal’, requires public transport to adjust accordingly. He hopes that with reduced capacity on board to support social distancing, booking services will help encourage and reassure customers.

The initiative is set to launch in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA).