Gestational Diabetes Self-Care Just Got an Upgrade

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Researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed a “hybrid closed-loop technology” that significantly improves gestational diabetes self-care.

  • The hybrid closed-loop system utilizes a smartphone algorithm to administer insulin, automatically adjusting insulin levels based on real-time blood sugar readings.
  • This technology isn’t limited to diabetic women during pregnancy; it also benefits pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have invented a “hybrid closed-loop technology,” revolutionizing gestational diabetes self-care.

The study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, reveals that their hybrid closed-loop technology significantly improves blood sugar control during pregnancy.

It could very well be a lifeline for expectant mothers aiming to ensure a smoother and healthier pregnancy journey. In fact, it could potentially reduce complications and offer lifelong benefits for babies.

Pregnancy is a challenging time for women with type 1 diabetes. In fact, fluctuating hormones and altered eating habits often make it difficult to maintain recommended blood sugar levels. Complications due to diabetes during pregnancy, such as premature birth, the need for neonatal intensive care, and a higher risk of obesity in babies, have long been a concern. And they tell you pregnancy is *while throwing glitter* magical.

The hybrid closed-loop system utilizes a smartphone algorithm to administer insulin. Unlike traditional methods that require constant decision-making about insulin doses, this technology automatically adjusts insulin levels every 10-12 minutes based on real-time blood sugar readings.

You, the pregnant lady, go on about your day. The system monitors your blood sugar level and then administers the appropriate dosage automatically. No fuss, no pricks, and no blood.

And it’s not limited to the self-care of a diabetic woman going through pregnancy, but also that of a pregnant woman who gets gestational diabetes. Better health for the mom, better health for the baby. Not to mention, the lighter mental load plays a big part in ensuring a low-stress pregnancy. Heaven knows they need it.

While I have never been pregnant and may never be pregnant seeing where the world is going right now, I can tell you with the outmost confidence that a healthy pregnancy is scary (I have nephews). So, can you imagine the stress someone who’s dealing with a complicated pregnancy is under?

This human is growing another, very delicate might I add, human from SCRATCH. I can’t even bake from scratch. And ideally, the kid wouldn’t have complicated health issues. For that to happen, pregnant women have to dodge EVERYTHING like it’s The Matrix. Can you imagine the stress that is your own body trying to harm your bundles of joy?

This technology is a game changer. But compassion goes a long way.

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