Sunday, November 27, 2022

GITEX Tech Week, day 3: Announcements buzz the event floor

Gitex Day 3

The third day of GITEX Tech Week 2021 was one full of announcements; many companies had waited until everyone was immersed into the action to get them fired up with their innovations and news.

Ceremonies, statements, new releases, partnerships, and the like reciting exciting opportunities opened up in the world of tech. Be they local, regional, or international.

One of the most notable announcements presented was by UAE-based telecom operator Etisalat. The telco displayed a 5G empowered robotic solutions for sectors such as mobility, healthcare, retail, education, in addition to shining light on the special needs community, by highlighting a new era of communication that positively impacts the corporate world, as well as the society at large.

Same as each year, humanoid robots attract a lot of attention on the stand, with Dr. Alfred from Mesmer welcoming visitors with his human bone structure, skin texture, and expressions conversing with visitors as medical professionals. Another humanoid was on display, Roboy, a completely musculoskeletal robot with muscles and tendons similar to humans, highlighting how it can help with remote assistance of patients.

In parallel, Chinese tech titan Huawei showcased its 5G robotic assistant, which was another example of how such solutions can be used in a high precision industrial operation to respond in real-time over the 5G network. Tactile robotic arms from Shadow Robotics are considered the world’s first haptic robotic system that transmits touch feedback to an operator located anywhere in the world.

On the other side of the aisle, GITEX Global also launched its Code Infinity initiative. The largest developer event in the region, which aims to empower young developers and enable the region’s transformation goals in line with the UAE’s National program for Coders, and launched with founding partners Microsoft, Oracle, and Red Hat.
Code Infinity features free, certified sessions from Microsoft and Red Hat and hands-on labs by Oracle and will feature sessions from the founding partners throughout GITEX Global until 21st Oct.

While US-based tech company, Avaya, displayed their latest innovation in healthcare found within one application. The service provides patience with an end-to-end experience, from the moment of arrival at a hospital to communicating with their doctor via an all-in-one application, as well as conducting payments under one app.

Similarly, the company provides an application for medical professionals to keep track of all their patients. Be it if they want to prescribe medication or documents to patients. One of the main advantages of the tech is to utilize the time and resources of the caretakers to the best of their efficiency, maximize treatment.

This is only, but a handful of the announcement made during the GITEX Tech Week 2021.

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