Gmail Brings Back the Much Loved 'Select All' Feature

Gmail's Select All

The good old days are back with Gmail for Android, with it rolling out users’ beloved old feature, Select All.

The Return of the “Select All” Feature

Back then, Gmail removed the ‘Select All’ button, requiring Android users to manually select each email for labeling, deleting, or archiving.

After users insisted on the return of the ‘Select All’ feature, Gmail responded affirmatively, acknowledging their feedback. Now, users can activate the feature either by a long press on an email or by tapping the sender’s avatar. The process of removing and then reinstating this feature proved to be quite cumbersome, leading to overloaded inboxes and burdensome actions for the users.

It was a bit challenging for Android users to notice that the feature had returned. A couple of weeks later, 9to5Google reported that a select few users had spotted the feature in testing. However, its availability wasn’t linked to an app version but instead depended on a server-side change, likely at the account level,” as stated by Android Police.

However, an answer surfaced on Reddit, four days ago, revealing that the feature’s rollout was part of a test conducted on several Google accounts and Gmail app versions, specifically versions 2023.11.12.586837719 and 2023.11.26.586591930.

What a Comeback!

Adding the feature saves users time and effort, we all agree on this. However, there is a default in the page limit, around 50 emails. This means that the user can’t select all emails at once if there are more than that on your screen.

Not all users may have the chance to try the feature directly since it’s going to be rolled out steadily.

Gmail’s Reply

Thank you, Gmail, for heeding your loyal users’ outcry. This move allows for the quick and easy selection of all emails in the current view, streamlining email management and making it more efficient and convenient.

That’s hardly surprising for Gmail, considering it’s the number one email provider. With over 1.8 billion users enjoying Google’s ecosystem, and its top ranking for offering the best offline accessibility, it truly earns all the ‘number ones.’

It might seem a bit bizarre, all this fuss over a simple button, but hey, it’s 2024 and we’re talking about Google.

What do you think – will Gmail take away the Select All feature again? Could you manage professionally without it?

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