Google enrolls in climate change fight

In its Next ’21 Experience platform, Google revealed on Tuesday its latest approach to empower energy sustainability with carbon footprint tools by unifying ecological expertise with major tech firms in the climate change fight.

The tech giant unmasked its latest approach to fight against climate change. A systematic strategy that will help trace carbon footprint and emissions data. A lineup of future partnerships, tools, and much more will help the company set the stage for an eco-friendlier corporate ecosystem and world.

Google will now implement into its Google Cloud Platform a Carbon Footprint reporting method, developed with investment banking company HSBC, computers, and information technology company Atos, software company Salesforce, and L’Oreal.

The search engine will cater to its users with useful and applicable reports on the effect of gross carbon footprint related to their Cloud usage to raise awareness of the detrimental impact of technological progression in concerns to the climate calamity the world is currently facing.

“With Google Carbon Footprint reporting, Atos feeds emissions data in our Decarbonization Data Platform, demonstrating potential emissions reductions from the Google Cloud Platform to our customers,” head of the decarbonization business line at Atos, Nourdine Bihmane, said in a statement.

“This reporting opens up new levels of emissions transparency, trajectory planning, and data insight to support our customers in meeting and potentially accelerating towards their climate goals,” he added.

To highlight the extent of which the Big Tech giant is willing to go to implement its role in fighting climate change, Google Cloud will now notify users of various measures that could be adopted to decrease their carbon footprint by unburdening their cloud from unnecessary space consumption.

In addition, the search engine will partner up with organizations specializing in sustainability, such as Planet, Carto, Climate Engine, Geotab, and NGIS. This unison will bring forth additional practices to users’ data and applications to Google Cloud while raising awareness by assisting customers in making more sustainability-bound decisions.

As for Salesforce’ role on the matter, Google will be incorporating Google Cloud Platform emissions data into Salesforce Sustainability Cloud carbon accounting platform, according to ZDNet. 

The companies’ recently adopted approach to lean towards an ecological ecosystem will incorporate sustainability into the epicenter of their establishments to accommodate the ever-growing users and shareholders’ high expectations to fight climate change and minimize their global environmental influence.

“Together, Google Cloud and Salesforce Sustainability Cloud can help our joint customers accelerate customers’ path to Net Zero, leveraging data-driven insights and visualizations to track and reduce their carbon emissions to drive sustainable change,” General Manager of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, Ari Alexander, said in a statement.

Google’s modernistic approach to track carbon footprint and emissions data demonstrated the giant’s perception of the effect these tech companies have on preserving the world’s climate and the role they could play to raise awareness on this subject, on a global scale.