Google’s Next Telecom Leap Unites QR Code and eSIM

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Alphabet Inc.’s Google is highlighting its dedication to the telecom industry with the introduction of QR code-driven eSIM transfers for Android users.

Unveiled earlier this year, the introduction of Google’s eSIM transfer capabilities within Android will provide Android users with a direct and seamless shift for their eSIM from one device to another. 

So, what’s the difference between an eSIM and physical SIM card? 

There isn’t a significant difference, to be honest. The key distinction lies in the fact that an eSIM is remotely programmed through software and is integrated into newer smartphones. This enables a smooth transition between phones or wireless carriers without requiring the purchase of a new SIM card.

Earlier this year, another prominent player in the tech industry took steps to simplify the eSIM transfer process for iPhones by integrating a tool into the iOS. Apple envisions that this tool will make wireless eSIM transfers between iPhones effortless for its user base.

With the process predominantly reliant on telecom operators, this latest development addresses a mushrooming need for another, more practical, solution for users. At the moment, the landscape falls short on a built-in mechanism focusing on the transfer of eSIM between Android devices. Google’s latest development will help change the status quo, and the steps are quite simple to follow.

All users need to do is simply scan a QR code, and the transition process is put in place. To enable the feature, users must enter a PIN code consisting of at least six digits.

Last month, the Alphabet company rolled out the Android BETA 4 update. This release encompasses a plethora of enhancements, such as the ‘auto-confirm unlock’ feature, systematic fixes, performance refinements, and much more.

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