Innovative Tech in the Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup

With all its innovation and glory, the Qatar World Cup is almost here. Qatar has branded this world cup edition as one of invention. In many ways, this statement can hold its weight. Some of the technology and aspects of the Qatar World Cup are revolutionary. The Arabic nation will be hosting the FIFA world cup for the first time, and Qatar is ensuring an experience like no other for the fans and players alike.

Al Rihla

Well, a world cup needs its unique football, which is revolutionary this time. The Qatar World Cup will introduce ‘Al RIhla,’ Arabic for the journey, the all-new revolutionary world cup ball. It will also present a technology used for the first time. The ball will relay real-time data to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) officials. Al Rihla will also support the FIFA semi-automated offside rule, which fully uses the motion sensor within the ball.

Stadium Cooling Technology

The second most critical aspect of football are the stadiums. The Qatar World Cup will feature some of the most beautiful and technologically advanced stadiums. The world cup stadiums in Qatar will implement advanced cooling technologies designed to ensure a stable temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. The technology will give the fans and players a relaxed atmosphere to play and spectate in.

Moreover, a sustainable energy center will be located next to the stadiums, utilizing cool water and 40 percent more green and sustainable power sources to power the cooling technology. Seven of the eight Qatar World Cup stadiums will have this technology since the 974 Stadium is located on the coast, with the natural cooling the sea provides.

Finally, the stadium prior mentioned, 974, is an iconic world cup stadium in Qatar. The stadium is fully demountable. It is not just a visually unique stadium built from shipping containers and steel frames. It is fully demountable and might not even exist after the world cup.

Smart Charging Stations

Qatar World Cup will also introduce ‘ElPalm.’ A wind turbine with solar panels will harness the power of the wind and sun. It will offer shade for the fans and will come equipped with USB charging docks, speakers to relay essential information, and advertisements. The Palm will also offer Wi-Fi, ensuring all the fans resting are well connected.

The NavBuddy App

Furthermore, the Qatar World Cup offers an app, the NavBuddy app. The application will be home to all the information you need to navigate yourself in a beautiful country. All the stadiums, hospitals, restaurants, etc., will be on the app for you to find. It even makes indoor navigation easier since it relies on real-time data.

Additionally, and staying on the navigation theme, the FIFA Qatar World Cup will introduce electric buses to take fans from and to their stadiums. The first time any country has done so. The buses are carbon neutral, with the latest cooling technologies, and they will be easy to access and find for all fans, even the ones with mobility difficulties.

A More Inclusive Experience

Qatar World Cup will ensure all football fans can enjoy the spectacle. The nation aims to deliver the most accessible world cup to date with the adoption of an extensive list of innovative technologies to enhance the experience for all attendees.

An Accessible Website

The Qatar 2022 website is a platform that offers all the services you need to confirm in one place, getting the World Cup Qatar tickets, hotels, and much more. Such a crucial website must be accessible to all the fans, with no exceptions. The website supports magnifiers, AI readers, better color schemes, speech software, and assistive technologies.

Sensory Sensitive Rooms

Moreover, the Qatar World Cup will have sensory viewing rooms for young fans with sensory processing issues or Autism. The room will provide a safe space for the fans to relax and enjoy the matches! A lot of extra gadgets will be available to ensure an engaging experience. Fidget tools and visually pleasing elements will help them remain focused in a calm environment.

Bonocle and Feelix Palm

Bonocle is the world’s first Braille entertainment platform with all the assistive technology for the visually impaired to access digital content. The forum will convert all data to Braille, allowing visually impaired fans to stay updated and enjoy the Qatar world cup like everyone else.

Moreover, the Feelix palm is a palm communicator with tactile features. Using electrical impulses, the Feelix will offer braille-like messages to the visually impaired. The palm communicator will not restrict any more senses or physical movement. It is a very accessible wearable to ensure all fans enjoy the world cup!

Final Thoughts

The Qatar World Cup is set to revolutionize the world of football. Ground-breaking technologies and stadiums will provide the players and the fans with a fantastic experience. Football fans gather every four years to witness something special, and Qatar has planned something special.

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