iPhone 15 NFC Issues Caused by BMW's Wireless Charging, Apple Promises Fix

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Some iPhones 15 users have been running into issues with their NFC chips after using their BMW wireless charger in specific BMW and Toyota Supra models.

This problem messes with some pretty important features and services from the iPhone parent’s devices, such as Apple Pay and digital car keys.

In response, Apple released a statement, showing its customers that the giant has their back.

The iOS developer sent out memos to their authorized service providers, promising a fix through a software update coming later this year. Until that magical update drops, Apple’s playing it safe and suggesting that users affected by this issue steer clear of in-car wireless.

What exactly happens when this issue strikes?

Well, users have reported their iPhone 15s going into data recovery mode, sporting a white screen, and essentially waving goodbye to their NFC chip’s functionality after a reboot.

But like we said, Apple’s on it and has plans to sort this out with that upcoming software update.

BMW also to the rescue.

In parallel, it seems that BMW’s in on the action too. Naturally, to support its own customers.

The German automotive giant assessed the problem and is working hand in hand with the Big Tech giant to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit of a mystery as to which BMW or Toyota Supra models are affected. So, as a precaution, it’s probably best to hold off on using your Toyota and BMW wireless charger until they’ve got this all sorted.

Customers’ reaction

This glitch has caused some commotion, and affected users have been making their way to Apple Stores or authorized service providers for help.

Customers have been trying all sorts of tricks, such as using Apple Service Toolkit 2, to revive the NFC chip. If that doesn’t help, the technicians might need to get their hands on some hardware repairs.

As for how widespread this issue is, well, it’s still a bit up in the air. It seems like it’s happening when the iPhone 15s are linked to certain wireless chargers in BMW and Toyota Supra models.

But the full picture is still unfolding.

In other news, Apple’s also been busy fixing a little vulnerability in their iOS software. This vulnerability had the potential to stop nearby wireless routers and access points from grabbing your device’s unique MAC address. But fear not, because the iPhone parent has already patched that up in the latest iOS updates, showing a commitment to keeping things secure and glitch-free.

The Verge tried reaching out to Apple, BMW, and Toyota for comments on this issue, but it seems like they’re keeping quiet for now.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any updates on this matter, so stay tuned.

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