Mercedes and Mastercard Introduce Biometric Payment Solution in Germany

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GERMANY – On September 25, Mastercard announced a car-payment partnership with Mercedes, for all Benz drivers in Germany.

Your car is a symbol of luxury and innovation, but this time, it’s about to offer you something new. Something you’ve never seen before, that will take the meaning of luxury to a whole new level.

The secret? An integrated fingerprint sensor that will help you make digital payments, from the comfort of, you guessed it! The driver’s seat.

We know. This isn’t enough to get the whole picture, but it’s enough to leave you perplexed, curious, and eager to know what the real deal is with this Mercedes-Benz and Mastercard collaboration.

And as always, we got you covered.

You’re behind the wheel of your luxurious Mercedes-Benz – because let’s face it, Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury. Anyway, back to our cruise. You’re driving along the scenic roads of Germany. But this is not like any other ride you’ve had before. This time, your Benz is offering you an out-of-the-box payment solution.

The joining of this force is forged with the payment titan, Mastercard. This biometric feature will completely replace your wallet and even your smartphone – believe it or not. It will allow you to conduct effortless digital transactions at over 3,600 service stations scattered across Germany, making your finger your only key to a door of endless convenience.

Franz Reiner, Chairman of the Board for Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, sums it up best in a news release, revealing that “from now on, they can pay [customers] their fuel bill directly from their car using their fingerprint — simply, securely, and conveniently.”

“An intuitive payment process and a best-in-class customer experience lay the foundation for the success of digital offerings,” Reiner added.

This is all great, but…

What really sets this partnership apart from any other collaborations both titans have previously made with other companies is that it’s a true representation of a broader trend, accommodating the needs and preferences of consumers.

Worldwide, users’ preference towards biometric payment technology is broadening, and Mercedes and Mastercard both answered the call. It’s a sign that the times are changing and they’re here to deliver to the consumers’ demands and not just theirs.

Beyond what lies on the surface, what Mercedes and Mastercard are doing is actually bringing forth a new layer to the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape. They’re breaking the stigma that eCommerce is all about shopping. Now, it’s about bringing the eCommerce experience into your Benz.

So, it goes like this..

As soon as you purchase your brand-new Mercedes Benz, you’re given access to a built-in eCommerce ecosystem through your “Mercedes Me” ID. This will give you access to your own user account, linked to your vehicle, and its company’s apps.

“With this ID you also have a payment profile. There’s always a connection between the vehicle, the hardware, and the person – whether the driver or co-driver,” Mercedes CEO, Nico Kersten highlighted.

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