Meta Removes 14.8 million Pieces of Bad Content in India

On Tuesday, Meta Properties – formerly Facebook – removed over 11.6 million pieces of content across 13 policies for Facebook and over 3.2 million details of content across 12 guidelines for Instagram during January, the company said on Tuesday.  

In January, Meta received 911 reports through the Indian grievance mechanism and responded to all of these reports.  

“Under the IT Rules 2021, we’ve published our monthly compliance report. The company uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), reports coming from our community, and review by our teams to review and identify content against our policies,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement.  

In addition, the company removed 1.4 million contents related to adult nudity and sexual activity, 233,600 pieces of content related to bullying and harassment, and 1.8 million violent and graphic content, among others.  

“We measure the number of pieces of content (such as posts, photos, videos, or comments) and take action for going against our standards,” said Meta. 

On the same note, the tech giant also took down in December over 19.3 million harmful contents across 13 categories on Facebook and over 2.4 million pieces of such content across 12 categories on its photo-sharing platform Instagram in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021.  

Meta received 534 reports for Facebook through the Indian grievance mechanism from December and replied to all of these reports, spanning from fake profiles to harassment/abusive content.  

An inquiry began against a Facebook page titled ‘Mangalore Muslims’ for publishing abusive content about the 23-year-old Bajrang Dal activist killed in Karnataka’s Shivamogga. The Indian government also blocked over 60 social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram pages, for spreading anti-India fake news.  

“Following the IT Rules 2021, we’ve published our monthly compliance report. We use a combination of AI, reports from our community, and review by our teams to identify and review content against our policies,” the Meta spokesperson said.