Nokia to upgrade Capital Online's IP backbone network

Nokia announced Monday that Capital Online, a cloud computing service provider headquartered in Beijing, chose to upgrade its IP backbone network to complete its Network 2.0 plan.   

This process will allow Capital Online to provide dependable cloud services while improving the customer experience, according to a press release.  

The upgrade will help Capital Online realize its Network 2.0 plan by providing reliable cloud services with a better customer experience.  

Also, the deal includes Capital Online deploying 7750 Service Router (SR) and 7250 IXR interconnect router platforms to Nokia to support Capital Online’s ambitious Network 2.0 plan. 

Nokia’s portfolio provides end-to-end advanced IP routing protocols, including Segment Routing, to achieve fast and efficient service delivery along with end-to-end service assurance for all traffic flows.   

In addition, Nokia 7750 SR and 7250 IXR platforms offer unique advantages for building Capital Online’s backbone network.   

By building a cost-effective converged backbone network based on high-density routers having 100GE/400GE interfaces, Nokia’s platforms are geared to help Capital Online succeed in its cloud business, the company said.  

“As a trusted partner of critical networks, Nokia has abundant experiences helping its global customers build high capacity and quality IP networks. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Nokia to accelerate the transformation of our network to provide faster, more reliable network services for our global customers throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia,” Xu Xiaohu, Chief Architect of Capital Online, said in a statement.  

Markus Borchert, CEO of Nokia Shanghai Bell, said: “Capital Online is known for being specialists in delivering exceptional online experiences for global business. We are pleased to help it create an industry-leading IP network that will upgrade its existing backbone network to the Network 2.0 era, paving the way to increase its footprint in the global Cloud market in the future.”