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U.S. Health & Human Services launches AI strategy

The U.S. Health and Human Services agency recently released a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) strategy to increase use of this advanced technology in MedTech and related types of applications. “Together with its partners in academia, industry and government, HHS will leverage AI to solve previously unsolvable problems by continuing to lead advances in the health […]

New Travel Tech Being Deployed Against COVID-19

The current pandemic has affected all types of businesses and industries and has brought forward new technologies and innovations. What will the future of travel look like post COVID-19? We break down some of the most prominent technologies in travel tech that are here to stay post COVID-19. People will want to travel again – […]

The most discussed tech-related topics during covid-19

The pandemic has profoundly shifted the way we live our lives and the way we look to the future. It has also dramatically changed what we discuss, what we want to know, and what we choose to write about. An analysis by the Boston Consulting Group has revealed major shifts in tech-related topics during covid-19. […]

Early Coronavirus detection system: funding granted by BARDA

Early Coronavirus detection, if applied on mass, would significantly decrease transmission rates of the virus. The virus is most contagious before symptoms even show, and in the first week of contraction according to a German study, and the CDC, as 40% of all transmissions occur before clear symptoms are shown if any. Thus, a preemptive […]

The healthcare industry - responding to change after COVID-19

As the current pandemic continues spreading, MedTech leadership aims to respond to changes after COVID-19 that are tied directly to the health crisis. Demand for urgent care equipment and supplies is far exceeding the production capacity. With healthcare experts warning of possible critical shortages of medical supplies, manufacturers are gearing up to meet the rise […]

Digital infrastructure investment in Saudi Arabia has yielded good results

With Covid-19 affecting every aspect of daily life, countries have recognized the importance of implementing better digital infrastructure to deal with our change of lifestyle, utilizing technologies to cope, first, with the current health crisis and second, to set forth better planning procedures for any future public emergencies. Saudi Arabia has taken decisions to invest […]