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Zain tops CDP global index on climate change

Kuwait-based telecoms operator Zain Group has received the highest rank in MEA in the CDP global index on climate change exceeding the average for Asian markets, the company telecoms announced on Tuesday. Zain Group announced its inclusion in the global list of the CDP with an advanced rating in Management Scope ‘B’ for the Climate […]

Zain KSA to push for second 5G rollout phase

Zain KSA has announced that it will accelerate its second phase of 5G network rollout throughout the Kingdom in partnership with Infovista’s radio planning portfolio. The company plans to spread and geographically expand the country’s 5G network aims to deliver the new 5G services to every corner and spot in Saudi Arabia, to ensure that […]

Zain KSA, Nokia to offer 5G fixed wireless access

Saudi Arabian operator Zain has turned to Finnish Nokia to broaden its 5G partnership by deploying 60,000 units of the vendor’s FastMile 5G Gateway wireless broadband hub with eSIMs, across the Kingdom over the next 12 months. The technology will deliver stronger signal, better connectivity, and ultra-high data speeds to every corner of homes and […]

Tower Xchange - Meetup Mena

15% of MENA’s 280,020 towers are now owned by towercos, as the region starts to resemble the rest of the world. MENA is in the midst of a towerco explosion: as TASC finalises its deals with Zain, TAWAL enrols in Pakistan’s BTS frenzy, Helios Towers imminently entering Oman, and a new round of M&A deals […]

Six Influential Telecom CEOs in 2022 

A functioning society depends on the telecommunications sector. Over time, it proved crucial for families, communities, businesses, and governments. The COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread move to remote work increased the demand for a solid connection and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure for every civilization. Being a telecom CEO is a challenging task. In this article, […]

Most Successful Telecom Companies in 2022

2022 has been a tumultuous year for the telecom industry. Nevertheless, some companies managed to keep their heads above water and then some. The previous 25 years have seen a revolution in telecommunications, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region wasn’t one to sit on the sidelines. Despite certain countries’ reforms being cosmetic, […]