Promising tech efforts to support businesses amid the pandemic

Promising tech efforts

As the pandemic continues, tech companies are coming forward with their best tech efforts to help businesses during the crisis. IT pros all over the globe are going all out to try and help organizations cope with the shift to a fully remote workforce, new software and learning methods. Inside Telecom has compiled some of the most promising tech efforts launched in the recent few months.

ViewSonic for distance learning

ViewSonic is utilizing their professional development training to offer direct one-on-one online consultations and support for educators – covering topics like distance learning, tools for distance learning, development of curriculums and video creation or lesson conferences.

Salesforce reveals for post-pandemic return to business

Salesforce unveiled a website that helps guide businesses returning to work. The goal is to help business and community leaders reopen in a safe manner, re-skill employees and respond effectively to pandemic-related incidents.

Salesforce’s tech idea involves practically everything from contact tracing to employee wellness and even emergency response management. In addition, they have also launched Salesforce Care – a free-for-90-days suite comprising solutions that aid businesses amid the pandemic.

Codementor launches Code Against COVID-19 initiative

Codementor, an online learning platform, created the Code Against COVID-19 to efficiently match coders to business projects that are in need of support amid the pandemic. The platform includes hundreds of thousands of developers from all over the world and many are donating their skills to help organizations in need of COVID-19 software assistance.

Tech for America by Coding Dojo reaches 190 volunteers

Coding Dojo the tech education firm has deployed and mobilized a solid network of upwards 4,500 alumni that offer web and software developments on a voluntary basis. Businesses that need help can shoot an email to or fill out this Google Form. After a request is submitted, the organizations will be paired with volunteers according to locality, tech proficiency, and several other factors. Coding Dojo’s tech efforts began early in April, and have now reached upwards of 190 volunteers from 30 different states and 11 countries.