Smart learning with arabee, the latest Arabic language platform

Smart learning

Language is synonymous with culture, communication and family heritage. It is a fundamental area of learning especially at a time when culture and human interaction are ever-more accessible through travel and digital technology. But living in a multilingual society can present challenges to young students, who may develop skills in one language (the lingua franca) but not the other.

Introducing arabee, the latest technology to boost smart learning for kids – providing both entertainment and education to make learning fun.

Picking up language skills with ease

The latest platform was launched in the UAE, which usually teaches Arabic as their second language in schools after English. Thus, students struggle to learn Arabic and may face challenges if it’s used less often. From this came the idea of launching the smart application according to Lenka Basweidan, Founder of arabee, “We identified that many children were struggling to learn the Arabic Language which was very concerning for us as parents. There seemed to be a disconnect between the time spent studying Arabic and the amount of language acquired.”

“Our team of language experts understand how children learn and acquire language naturally. We have developed and structured the arabee learning programme to hold your child’s attention, keeping them engaged and making Arabic fun,” according to the arabee website.

The programme in bitesize

The programme has divided its teaching curriculum into four categories: songs, video, games and books. All of which, include interactive activities children can explore to keep them fully engaged.

One of the most effective ways to learn a subject or language faster is by combining education and entertainment, which has been realized by arabee, so that children can enjoy the learning process. When kids learn away from the classroom with their parents’ help, it doesn’t just support growth in learning, but also improves their technology skills and capabilities.

Arabic songs will keep children singing and learning with their friends while passing through different levels which help challenge and expand knowledge.

The company highlights that the app’s tailor-made programme is appreciated by kids of all learning capabilities. “Each child is unique and learns differently so arabee is designed with a variety of activities to appeal to all learner types: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, reading and writing. The children are playing and having so much fun, they don’t even realize they are learning.”

New culture of learning for kids

According to arabee, having already been tested in schools, the arabee programme succeeds where other apps have failed.”It has been built in partnership with teachers, parents and students. The characters and content are based on a child’s preferences using modern teaching techniques to enable maximum retention. There are no ads to distract the learner and the children are guided on a continuous learning journey.”

Experts at arabee have seen the positive impact of the platform; 98% of those in senior leadership positions in UAE schools using arabee, have seen improvement in student engagement and skills.

The team at arabee hopes to cultivate more learning and enthusiasm from kids and parents across the world. “People outside the Arab region can connect to the culture and language through the arabee Family App. As well as teaching Arabic, it uses original music composed using eastern instruments and beats,” the company told Inside Telecom.