What 2022 Held for the Telecom Sector

It would be an understatement to say that the past 12 months have been filled with challenges. Although there were highs and lows in the telecom industry, ultimately, we were all able to succeed. We can’t help but look back on everything as 2022 approaches. Now is the time to reflect on the circumstances that […]

A Year in Smartphones: The Top Mobile Devices Launches from 2022

2022 has been full of new mobile devices with never-before-seen features for Apple stans and Android fans alike. If you’re thinking of upgrading your business comms set up, but not sure on what’s best for your needs, Kristian Torode, Director and Co-Founder of business mobile provider Crystaline, recaps the latest devices to hit the shelves in the past […]

Telecoms’ 2022 Wrapped: The Key Telecoms Events from the Past Year

While you’re more than likely reviewing, or eagerly awaiting, your Spotify Wrapped, Snapchat Year in Review and Instagram Playback, have you reviewed the telecoms happenings from this past year? Undoubtedly, the pandemic changed the telecoms game completely and in 2022, we’ve seen the post-COVID landscape begin to take shape. With the year coming to a […]

The 4 Most Promising Metaverse Crypto Coins of 2022  

Many of today’s most commonly used tools and technologies, such as mobile phones, the cloud, or the internet itself, all started off as either a science fiction concept, or something seemingly useless to the average person, dismissed as a trend. Those supposed trends are the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse crypto coins.   An excellent way […]