The 4 Most Promising Metaverse Crypto Coins of 2022  

Metaverse crypto coins

Many of today’s most commonly used tools and technologies, such as mobile phones, the cloud, or the internet itself, all started off as either a science fiction concept, or something seemingly useless to the average person, dismissed as a trend. Those supposed trends are the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse crypto coins.  

An excellent way to secure your wealth and grow it over time is to jump on said bandwagon early on, and that is what many are hoping to do today with metaverse crypto and NFT assets, which are now at the heart of their development stage. 

Ark Invest’s Cathy Wood estimated that the Metaverse would one day collectively be worth trillions.  

You or an elder from your family may have rued the day that they neglected to invest in a company stock that was worth pennies at the time that would have made them millionaires today. With such horror stories in mind, many do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

You, of course, do not want to miss out, so here are all the most promising Metaverse crypto coins to watch in 2022.   

No doubt there will be new metaverse tokens.   

Axie Infinity  

One of 2021’s best-performing meta coins, Axie Infinity (AXS), has already seen astronomical gains of over 24,000% in the year 2021, carving out its place as a leading NFT collecting play-to-earn game in the metaverse.   

Players can buy, breed, train, collect, and sell Axies, cute little NFT creatures, and earn rewards and tokens that can be traded outside of the game.  

This bridging of the virtual and the physical is a staple of the metaverse concept.  


With a great degree of customizability and simple and effective tools for NFT creation, Sandbox is precisely what it says on the tin. A sizeable open blockchain-powered world of virtual land and gaming.  

The in-game currency is SAND, and like others on the metaverse coin list, it can be earned, bought, sold, and traded within and outside the game. It is not fully released as of the writing of this article, but it is one of the most promising Metaverse games out there, partnering with platforms like OpenSea, as well as The Walking Dead, and Snoop Dogg himself.


A trendsetter in virtual real-estate, a wholly new concept, Decentraland can be entered as a guest and played for free or linked to your crypto wallet to engage in buying, selling, and creation of digital assets and NFTs, which include vehicle, items, and yes, land using in-game tools.  

Creators can buy a plot of land and use it for pretty much anything. Casinos, concerts, arenas – yes, there is combat – dungeon delving and monster slaying. The thing that decentraland gets right is that it aims to be fun first and profitable later. Profitable as a result of being fun at least, which is a great business model, and so one might do well to invest in it and its in-game token, Mana.  

Star Atlas  

If you like Eve online, you’ll love this. A massive open space world where players can look forward to AAA quality gameplay goodness complete with space battles and a large-scale player-driven economy. With the added benefit of trading unique in-game items and currencies. Powered by Unreal engine five and Solana, Star Atlas has generated quite a buzz in both the cryptocurrency and gaming community as a game that brings true value in the form of fun and experience. Not just another cookie clicker.