5G Networks

Embracing Nostalgia and Meeting Diverse Needs 

Nokia has taken a different approach in a world dominated by constant technological advancements and a perpetual stream of new smartphone models. Despite the fast-paced nature of the industry, Nokia continues to release older phone models, sparking curiosity and raising questions. However, behind this seemingly unconventional strategy lie several compelling reasons that shed light on […]

Ericsson to Uplift India’s 5G

After clinching large deals with telecom operators for 5G equipment, global telecom infrastructure company Ericsson plans to expand its production capacity in India. The expansion plan would collaborate with a local vendor and operate from the latter’s Pune location. It is all part of a well-structured plan for Ericsson to further its global presence.  The […]

Germany Set to Ban China’s Huawei, ZTE from Parts of 5G Networks - Source

Germany plans to ban telecoms operators from using certain components made by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE in 5G networks, a government source said, in a potentially significant move to address security concerns. The German ban could include components already built into the networks, requiring operators to remove and replace them, Zeit Online had reported […]

Blockchain Is No Longer a Suggestion

The telecom sector is renowned for constantly evolving. Fixed landlines were the essential Telco product in the early days of the industry. But with the introduction of the mobile phone, this changed to mobile subscriptions and the enormous cash cow that is SMS. Thanks to Blockchain. The telecom industry has a lot of potentials to […]

Nokia, Kyndryl Extend Partnership for Private 5G Factory Networks

Nokia and Kyndryl have extended their partnership for three years after clocking up more than 100 customers for automating factories using 5G wireless networks, following their first tie-up a year earlier. Big technology firms have been partnering with telecom gear makers such as Nokia to sell private 5G networks to customers, mostly in the manufacturing […]

The Increasing Challenges of Cybersecurity

While technology is helping organizations optimize their operations through various innovative means, the number of cybersecurity threats companies must deal with has grown. Who hasn’t heard about ransomware, phishing attacks, malware attacks, and such? More importantly, who hasn’t asked the question, what are the challenges in cybersecurity realms? The only thing more valuable than information […]

India’s 5G Needs to Catch Up

India has been preparing to introduce 5G for years, but delays have kept happening. According to the most recent information, the implementation should be finished before March 2023 if the government has its way in the current round of frequency auctions. That depends on a lot. The government has consistently overpromised when addressing the 5G […]