AI Ethics

AI in Ethics: The Deception of Human Behavior

The Evolution of Intellectual Machines  The beginning of the 20th century came, and with it came the concept of artificially induced intelligent machines. This, gave birth to the notion of artificially intelligent (AI) machines in the mind of various mathematicians and scientists. Machines with the extraordinary human capacity for solving problems and making decisions. For that […]

Ethical Companies That Might Not be Ethical

Companies invest decades in improving their reputation and uphold ethical practices. A single scandal or a corrupt corporate culture, however, might permanently harm the company’s reputation. In other cases a company might strive to build a certain brand but in the background could be deeply involved in unethical practices. In this article we are going […]

Employee Monitoring Ethical Issues

Technology has made it easy for companies to monitor their employees to optimize their work performance. By implementing various ways to keep track of their employees’ activities, such surveillance can ensure that said employees are completing their work to the highest standards. Yet, this raises one fundamental question: When can this go too far? And […]

AI in War, Changing the Future of Warfare  

Artificial Intelligence, Ai for short, is a technology that will shake the warfare world for years to come. Various sources dissect the premises of AI in war and warn of the dangers of losing AI supremacy. Governments are creating specific departments handling Ai in future wars to win the AI battle. Technology will shape our […]