Belt and Road Initiative

China Celebrates the Recolonization of Africa

They had a party last week in Beijing. Even Putin was invited. In fact, over 100 leaders went to the same party. It was billed as a forum to celebrate a decade since the Belt and Road Initiative was launched. But actually, this little soirée was really about China sending out a message about global […]

US-China Rivalry in Africa Is Fueled by Technology

The US-China rivalry in Africa and the impact of digitalization on their competition are intensifying. With the growing importance of technology in Africa, both countries have been intensifying their efforts to gain influence on the continent. Digitalization has become a major force in shaping global politics, including the US-China rivalry in Africa. As the two […]

The Digital Silk Route: Echoes of the Past

Mark Twain, the greatest humorist the US has produced, once said that “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” What’s past is past, but it does come back in a similar but not the same form (i.e., a rhyme). Accordingly, the Digital Silk Route (DSR) is not identical to the traditional silk route, […]