The Duality of AI: Risks and Rewards

The duality of AI presents risks and rewards, and understanding how it fits into workflows is key to making informed decisions about its implementation. Everything under the sun is simultaneously good and bad, it all comes down to how we, arguably the only creatures capable of cognitive thinking, use it. And generative AI is not […]

Telecom Ethics in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and infiltrated every possible sector, especially telecommunications. However, the question concerning telecom ethics during these turbulent times remains. With the creation of ChatGPT, we have entered an era unlike any other in terms of ethics and societal implications. Today, we can no longer apply innovations without […]

California Appeals Court Rules No Arbitration in Cisco Caste Bias Case

Cisco Systems Inc on Friday lost a court appeal to move to private arbitration a case over alleged caste discrimination in its Silicon Valley offices, where managers of Indian descent are accused of bias against a fellow employee from India. The networking gear and business software company has denied the allegations. It had argued to […]