Getting Job Rejections from AI

AI Job Rejections

Hilke Schellmann, an investigative reporter and New York University journalism professor exposed the flaws in candidate-screening algorithms in her book “The Algorithm”. She dived into the world of HR technology so that any job seeker can understand the process of using different AI-driven tools in the hiring process, to avoid AI job rejections.

All of us have been desperate to get a job at different times of our lives. We all suffered and maybe still suffer to find a decent job with a decent ‘package’, like a healthy work environment and a great salary in a reputable organization. We all have been wallowing in that ugly dark place.

Hilke Discoveries

Hilke discovered concerns regarding the integration of AI in the hiring process.

One is biases in AI algorithms, if one mentions the phrase “African American” in their resumé, it’s going to showcase potential racial bias.

Two, AI tools lack transparency, Hilke argues that many companies avoid rigorous testing and audits, and that AI rejects human bias in hiring decisions.

Three, the algorithms are being fed data that perpetuates biases that are present in past hiring decisions. For instance, if algorithms are being trained on the rate of success for specific demographics, similar candidates are being favored resulting in discrimination.

Four, several companies may use data from plenty of sources, including the keycards so that they can evaluate employee productivity, but this affects the outcomes, making it extremely unfair. “

“Of course companies will say their tools ​​don’t have bias, but how have they been tested? Has anyone looked into this who doesn’t work at the company? One company’s manual stated that their hiring AI was trained on data from 18- to 25-year-old college students. They might have just found something very specific to 18- to 25-year-olds that’s not applicable to other workers the tool was used on,” stated Schellman.

Nothing Remains the Same

Hilke Schellmann grants some good news, to take advantage of AI and enhance for example the job applicants’ resumés and cover letters and train them for interviews.

A practical guidance is being provided by Hilke for job seekers in order to utilize online resumé screeners, maintain precision in the sections of the CV, and by that get highly engaged with recruiters on the professional platform, LinkedIn. Thus, enduring higher chances of success.

The fusion of both human intelligence and AI can be valuable in the journey of getting hired. BUT the last call must involve human recruiters to make a fair and transparent recruiting decision, focusing on the required skills and competencies.

Did you get any AI job rejections for a position of which you’ve always dreamed?  

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